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Monday, February 10, 2014

Chico's: The ins and outs

Chico's is another one of my top brands to buy. I love Chico's! Just plain Chico's doesn't resell for much if at all. For example solid color cotton blend or polyester pieces. You want to find the large sizes like 2 or 3 (more about their sizing later) and the brighter and more colorful the better! Chico's collectors like the unusual. And if the pieces are embellished the better!

They are different sub brands under Chico's. Chico's Travelers is the best seller but like the others sells better in larger size. It is normally made of an acetate blend that makes it hard to wrinkle. Like the title says its great for travelers. Throw it in your suitcase and it looks as wrinkle free and fresh when you pull it out. Examples of some great Chico's Travelers pieces are Oriental Inspired Open Front Jacket Great Business Piece Animal Print & Embellished

Chico's Zenergy is more sporty active wear and lounge wear type pieces. Hoodies, Tops, Jackets, Dress and Pants. Some really great comfortable pieces. Animal Print Dress and Bright Colorful Hoodie.
Zenergy is another great one for resell.

Chico's. The main brand. These pieces can go from bright colorful to classic business pieces. One of my favorite pieces I have up for sale is Chico's Fun Top and A colorful Chico's top.

Chico's Design is an older label. Not really worth picking up unless it is a bigger size, great fabric (ex linen or silk) and great pattern. Some can do really good because they aren't made anymore but they have to have a lot going for them. Chico's Design Red Silk Oriental Jacket is a great example of one to pick up. Unusual Denim Jacket another great one.

Chico's sizing is different then most brands. They size by 0,1,2,3. Size 0 equals size 4/6 XS, size 1 equals 8/10 S, size 2 equals 10/12 M Size 3 equals 14/16 L XL. Chico's runs big so if you list them for resell please make sure you include measurements. 

Do some research and don't let Chico's scare you. They are great sellers if bright, colorful and larger sizes. I try to pick them up when they are 1/2 price at Goodwill. Unless you really know the brand I wouldn't spend more then $5 a piece and that is only for some really usual pieces. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I know this blog is suppose to be about selling clothes on eBay but I have to post about heart disease. As I am sure you know this is heart month. It is also the month my brother died of a massive heart attack. I would  like to share some of his story.

Two years ago Feb 26th seemed like a normal day. Then I got a phone call that my brother was in the hospital and had had a heart attack. My mom and I rushed to the hospital to find out that he had  a heart attack and they had put a stent in and he had a 100% blockage in one of his arteries. Also what is known as a widow maker. I knew he had been complaining about chest pains for about 4 months and after being asked several times to go to the doctor he didn't listen. He was a master electrician and had just started a new business and he said he was to busy to go to the doctor.

He woke up having chest pains and actually left home to drive himself to the hospital. On the way he decided he didn't want a huge hospital bill and decided to turn around and go home. But then it got worse and he had a massive heart attack sitting in his van in his driveway. Unfortunately he went without oxygen for almost 15 minutes while waiting for the paramedics. We didn't know it but by the time he got to the hospital his brain was already fried. His brain couldn't even regulate his own body temperature or breath on his own.
After 3 days of praying and hoping for a miracle. The final test came in that showed his brain was no longer functioning. My mom had to make a decision a parent should never have to make to pull the plug. Thank God my mom, Joe's son and I got to be with him and hold him as he took his last breath.

 I have never felt such pain in my life. I have lost a lot of people in my life but my brother was only 38 years old. He was such an amazing man. He has left a hole in my life and heart I don't think will ever completely heal.

Almost 23 months later, I was walking around in Lowe's and started feeling chest pain, nausea , light headed and feeling like I was going to faint. Every step I took the worse it got. Chuck rushed me to the patients first and after seeing my blood pressure they called 911. I spent 3 days in the hospital where I found out I have high blood pressure. The doctor said I was heading towards a heart attack or stroke. My blood pressure was 168/112. He said that is why high blood pressure is known as the silent killer. I felt miserable for the  month before hand but I have fibromalygia and just assumed the weather was making my fibro worse. I have changed my diet, exercising and taking my medicine and my blood pressure is in the normal range now.

My whole point of sharing this is to show it can happen to you. I know we all like to think these things only happen to other people but they can happen to anybody. Listen to your body. Make regular doctor appointments. Get up and exercise. Eat right!

Here are some helpful websites:

High Blood Pressure Symptoms
Go Red For Women
25 Top Heart Healthy Foods

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer: She makes me smile

One of my favorite brands to find is Lilly Pulitzer. Once you find one you will recognize them whenever you see them. Lilly is bright, fun and scream summer time to me. Lilly Pulitzer items are very preppy casual. Made to be relaxing and fun. I dare you to find one of her Low Rider pattern items and not smile. Monkeys riding horses is just fun. Low Rider Skirt now didn't that make you smile?

Lilly Pulitzer got her start making shift dresses for herself to cover the orange and grapefruit juice stains she got working at her fruit stand. Customers started asking about her dresses so she started making them to sell at her stand. There came a point when her dresses were making more money then her fruit. But she really took off when Jackie Kennedy (a old classmate) was photographed on vacation  wearing one of her dresses. And her clothing and prints are timeless and wonderful.

The hardest part of selling Lilly Pulitzer is letting go of them. I haven't found one yet that I wouldn't have wanted to keep but I didn't. Second is identifying the pattern. Every Lilly has a "name" of the pattern. My favorite website to go to for identification is Lilly Pulitzer Id Site.

I have found numerous types of Lilly pieces like sweaters, skirts, skorts, dresses, tops and I know there are numerous more but those of the pieces I have found. The best selling ones for me are the girls' dresses. They are money in the bank. They are great for little girls because they are loose fitting, modest and colorful.

And if you are looking for some colorful items to add to your wardrobe you can't go wrong with Lilly. The quality is amazing. And with them being so colorful its really easy to match shoes and bags with all the color in the garment.

Here are some examples of my Lilly items I have listed.





Monday, October 21, 2013

Selling Clothes on eBay

What a crazy weekend! Finally hit 1700 listings in my clothing store. Took longer then I thought it would but I really feel like I hit a milestone. Now hopefully the buyers will come and knock me back to down to below 1700. Some people say there is a "magic number" of listings that you can reach that will make the buyers come running. Hopefully mine is 1700.

And on Sunday I hit my local goodwill for 1/2 color change. I have never ever found as many clothing pieces in one day at one store. Now I have all 50 pieces processed and photographed and ready to list. It is still hard to pass up some of the brands in my don't buy list but there are some brands that I can't seem to sell. If you decide to sell clothing on eBay you will have to figure out what brands sell for you and what doesn't. Just because one brand doesn't sell for me doesn't mean it won't sell for you or anybody else.

As you go you will learn what brands sell for you and what doesn't. And sometimes you will run across a brand you don't know. I found this item http://www.ebay.com/itm/310773451791?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2649 at a new thrift store in my area. I had never heard of this brand before and was really surprised that it sold in less then a week and for $49.99. The things that tipped me off about this brand? The quality was undeniable and the fact that it was made in Canada. The only way you will learn about brands you don't know is take a chance. Weigh the price against the chance you are willing to take that it is a winner.

I know some people swear by their smart phone (which I do have) but if you have ever been inside a thrift store you know the HUGE amount of clothes that are offered. and there really isn't time to look up all brands that I don't know. Weigh the price again the lesson you will learn either good or bad. And most thrift stores will issue a refund or store credit for any returns within 7 days. I have never returned anything to mine because I just write it off as a lesson learned but most brands I can always get back what I invested even if the brand turns out to be what I consider a flop.

Next post I will include some of my brands I shop for.