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Monday, February 10, 2014

Chico's: The ins and outs

Chico's is another one of my top brands to buy. I love Chico's! Just plain Chico's doesn't resell for much if at all. For example solid color cotton blend or polyester pieces. You want to find the large sizes like 2 or 3 (more about their sizing later) and the brighter and more colorful the better! Chico's collectors like the unusual. And if the pieces are embellished the better!

They are different sub brands under Chico's. Chico's Travelers is the best seller but like the others sells better in larger size. It is normally made of an acetate blend that makes it hard to wrinkle. Like the title says its great for travelers. Throw it in your suitcase and it looks as wrinkle free and fresh when you pull it out. Examples of some great Chico's Travelers pieces are Oriental Inspired Open Front Jacket Great Business Piece Animal Print & Embellished

Chico's Zenergy is more sporty active wear and lounge wear type pieces. Hoodies, Tops, Jackets, Dress and Pants. Some really great comfortable pieces. Animal Print Dress and Bright Colorful Hoodie.
Zenergy is another great one for resell.

Chico's. The main brand. These pieces can go from bright colorful to classic business pieces. One of my favorite pieces I have up for sale is Chico's Fun Top and A colorful Chico's top.

Chico's Design is an older label. Not really worth picking up unless it is a bigger size, great fabric (ex linen or silk) and great pattern. Some can do really good because they aren't made anymore but they have to have a lot going for them. Chico's Design Red Silk Oriental Jacket is a great example of one to pick up. Unusual Denim Jacket another great one.

Chico's sizing is different then most brands. They size by 0,1,2,3. Size 0 equals size 4/6 XS, size 1 equals 8/10 S, size 2 equals 10/12 M Size 3 equals 14/16 L XL. Chico's runs big so if you list them for resell please make sure you include measurements. 

Do some research and don't let Chico's scare you. They are great sellers if bright, colorful and larger sizes. I try to pick them up when they are 1/2 price at Goodwill. Unless you really know the brand I wouldn't spend more then $5 a piece and that is only for some really usual pieces. 

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